Wine Tales

Silvia's thoughts

How to pick a bottle of wine

With so much wine on offer it’s difficult to choose or even remember the names, vintages and appellations in order to figure out what you want.
That’s why, when you stand in front of a shelf in a wine shop trying to read the label, it can sometimes be a little intimidating. 

Vegan wines

Many wine lovers believe that vegan wine taste different.
Vegan wine is just like any other wine except it does not contain any animal derived substances. Here are some good reasons to choose vegan wines!

Calories in wine

Let’s answer one of the most frequently asked questions I receive during wine tastings:
How many calories does a bottle or glass of wine contain?
This next question is never far behind:
Where do calories in a bottle of wine come from?

How to taste wine

Despite what many people may think, wine tasting is an activity that requires knowledge and skills. Let’s start then with the basic concepts like how to taste wine, how to hold a wine glass and how to open a wine bottle.