Private Tastings

Private Wine Tastings in London

Whether for an intimate dinner party or a corporate event, the private wine tastings are always about creating a bespoke experience best suited for you and your guests. This can range from selecting premium wines for a special occasion (birthday parties, graduation parties, Hen do’s) or creating a more educational setting similar to a tasting workshop.

Divino in Vino offers bespoke wine tastings at your home or at a hired venue. Each private wine tasting is a unique event with a selection of wines based on your criteria and the kind of experience you are after.

In order to create a tailored wine tasting experience best suited for you and your guests, Divino in Vino will endeavour to meet your requirements and make your event both memorable and enjoyable. With a selection of exciting themes such as “Same, same but Different”, “Orange is the new White”, “Syrah of the World” or “Actually, it’s made Naturally!”, wine tastings can be as informative as they are fun!

Divino in Vino works exclusively with organic, biodynamic and natural wines from small artisan wine growers, made in small volumes and impossible to find in supermarkets or high street shelves. Divino in Vino offers different cost options to satisfy any budget, prices range from £35 per person – which include a cocktail on arrival and 3 wines to taste – to £45 and £65 per person – which include respectively a sparkling wine on arrival and 4 to 6 wines to taste.

In addition, Divino in Vino welcomes food and wine pairings. Whether it’s a three or four course meal, or cheese and charcuterie, Divino in Vino can help you select the perfect wines to match. Should you want to have a whole food and wine pairing experience, we will be glad to suggest a team of professional private Chefs to come and cook your favourite menu.

Do not hesitate to contact me to brainstorm for more ideas!

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  • Private tasting £35

    £0.00 1 day

    An introductive wine tasting of three wines combining informative discussions with curiosity and entertainment.

  • Private tasting £45

    £0.00 1 day

    A quirky wine tasting of four wines for wine enthusiasts who want to be adventurous and explore the world of funky natural wines.

  • Private tasting £65

    £0.00 1 day

    A comprehensive wine tasting experience of six premium wines for both wine enthusiasts and professionals who want to get familiar with the best range of producers.

  • Tailor Made

    Contact me 1 day

    Customise your own wine tasting! Whether you want to select a specific theme or focus on a particular country, region, style or grape variety, get in touch to brainstorm for ideas.