Divino in Vino is Silvia

Growing up in Florence, it was inevitable for me to be surrounded by wine culture.

I began working at Studio Umami, a food and wine marketing agency, as well as putting into practice my knowledge at local wine bars. My submersion in wine grew day by day but with my insatiable curiosity, I needed a change of scenery.

Thus began my chapter in London, where I became fully involved in the avid and energising wine culture present.

I worked at Bedales Wines as a wine specialist whilst studying for my Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 and WSET Educator Certificate.

Silvia wine specialist
wine courses by Silvia Pampaloni

Wine is travelling, exploring, learning.
Wine is poetry and magic.
Like me, unassuming at first, then exuberant.

A trip to South Africa was all it took to shake up my previous relationship with wine.

Travelling through the diverse landscapes, I was able to recognise that wine is indeed a very rooted product, which at times might be forgotten.

The simple act of walking through a vineyard, picking grapes or talking to local wine producers cemented my understanding of the inherent beauty, process and complexity behind a bottle of wine.

Wine is rusticity; it has something fascinating that brings you back to traditions and an idea of true values.

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