Creating special moments and experiences in an intimate yet energetic setting. Niche and unusual wines from exclusive producers from all around the world, a boutique wine service based in London offering dynamic wine tastings, educational workshops and intimate events open to all! From wine to wine, you travel through moments, stories, and terroirs, and at the end of the night, your luggage is an awareness of where you can wander next time.


Whether along the typeface of a restaurant’s menu, or at a family gathering, wine is a personal array of sensorial experiences. Silvia’s wine tastings and events are centred around helping you understand how to interpret the diverse qualities that wine has to offer.

A Divino in Vino wine tasting is not about a right answer from Silvia, but rather it is about expressing yourself freely, contributing your experiences to the table, and partaking in an open conversation with others. In this process, participants enjoy a mutual understanding of the wines tasted.

Silvia becomes a storyteller, wine becomes the story to tell. But most importantly, she helps you see your own story through the wine.



Wine tasting workshops are great vehicles for sampling wines you’ve never tried before and for learning something new. 

private wine tastings in London

Private Tastings

Each private tasting is a unique event with a selection of wines based on your criteria and the kind of experience you are after.

Corporate wine tastings in London

Corporate Tastings

Corporate wine tastings provide original and engaging entertainment for businesses across central London and the neighbouring areas.

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WSET Courses

Silvia is part of the education department of Berkmann Wine Cellars called Veraison leading wine trainings tailored for hospitality as well as WSET courses.

Divino in Vino

Intimate setting

Cosy and informal wine tastings designed to create a memorable experience in a friendly and relaxed environment.


Informative yet entertaining! Educational wine tastings combing a technical and informative approach with curiosity and fun.

Value for money

Working exclusively with organic or biodynamic wines from small artisan producers at affordable prices.


Excellent customer service and attentive care to customer needs with the aim to make anyone happy!

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