Fun Wine Tastings in London

Workshops are fun wine tastings focused on the technical understanding of the vast territory of wine and its production.

They combine informative discussions with curiosity and entertainment and are open to all, no matter what your level of knowledge is.

Tasting workshops cover a new theme each session and offer stimulating knowledge within a relaxed interactive and educational setting.

With a selection of exciting topics such as “Same, same but Different”, “Orange is the new White”, “Syrah of the World” or “Actually, it’s made Naturally!”, wine tastings can be as informative as they are fun!

Such themes offer a unique perspective and approach to the wide world of wine.

best wine tasting in London: Divino in Vino tasting experience

It is a great way to learn about wine, whether the focus is on a particular country, region, style or grape variety and to be introduced to the new trend of organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

Among the best wine tasting events in London, workshops are ideal for individuals, couples or small groups.

The tastings are kept intimate to allow for questions and interactions throughout. Workshops are open to a maximum of 12 people willing to learn the steps of wine tasting and discover the factors which influence the wine both in the vineyard and in the wine cellar.

Workshops last approximately 2 hours in which there will be cheese and charcuterie to enjoy. Workshops take place in different locations throughout London, mainly in South, East, and Central London.

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